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                Dera-2000 | DMVA-66
  • Flexible Processor Solution: Intel
  • Mobile Module(IMM) Pentium II or Tillamook CPU's
  • DVD-ROM & LS-120 Disk Drives(optional)
  • MPEG II/2 USB Ports/ACPI Support
  • Brilliant 14.1"/13."/12.1" TFT Display
  • All-in-one Sleek Design, 43mm Thin
  • Removable HDD with Ultra DMA/33
  • Rotating Infrared Module
  • Up to 128MB SDRAM
  • Li-Ion/Smart Battery
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  • Powerful 300MHz AMD 3D MMX CPU or a 233MHz Intel Pentium MMX CPU
  • Big 12.1"/13.3" XGA Active Matrix TFT Display
  • Flexible Socket-7 CPU Design
  • New Chips & Technologies 69000 Video Chipset with an HiQ Video Accelerator, a GCI Accelerator, a Multimedia Engine and 2MB of High Performance Video Memory
  • Removable 2.5" HDD
  • Up to 128MB DRAM
  • Large 512K Pipeline Burst Cache
  • Dynamic 16-bit Sound with Stereo Speaker and 3D Audio
  • Reliable Li-Ion/NiMh Battery
  • Zoomed Video and CardBus Support
  • USB Port and Fast Infrared Module
  • Smooth Ergonomic Design
  • Portable 2.7kg(5.9lbs.), without battery
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