ITI was started early in 1990 by international scientists, professors and engineers who have in common an expertise in and proclivity toward sustainable development worldwide through the advance of science and technology. ITI was formally founded in 1995.
ITI is engaged in Science and Technology and Economic research, education and consulting such as R & D and tech-innovation, technology assessment and technology transfer, as well as training program. ITI believes that a commitment to strengthening the world sustainable development must include the pursuit of international technology progress. In particular, to focus on several major technical fields are the key for economic development in developing countries.
ITI provides services to bridge R&D of science and technology, and commercialization; to combine technology assessment and technology transfer; give free rein to the advantages both in developing countries and industrialized countries; and emphasize both on technology transferring and training.
The ITI team can support a variety of project in both the private and public sectors, with substantial experience in information and communication technology, energy, environment, and other industrial area. ITI also focuses on International Trade Business and Development in South of the world. ITIís interests and activities are globe, but focus primarily on developing countries.
ITIís research and services are oriented to international organizations and individual client needs. We emphasize flexibility as much as capability. ITI projects could cover information technology, e-commerce B-B, B-C; E-government; Developing Strategy and planning; High-tech R&D and commercialization, information and assessment, planning and execution; business opportunity and international trade; enterprises strategy; our clients are from 35 countries over the world.
  • Information Technology, communication Network
    E-commerce, e-government, computer network integration and database for business and education in technology for sustainable development, also research, analysis and assessment of computer electronics and telecommunications in developing countries.

  • Economic development and business opportunity
    Strategy planning for economic development, international trade transaction; marketing and research; international investment consulting; feasibility study for industry development and opportunity; international business management.

  • Energy, environment sustainable development
    Energy systems analysis and energy technology assessment, especially on Environmentally sound coal technology and clean coal technology; policy analysis, energy economics and techno-economics; establishing and improving energy data base system and structure. Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental indicators research, Environmental assessment of technological, Economic and social impact; environmentally sound technology selection and transfer; energy and environment analysis, alternative energy.

  • International Trade, management, business training
    International training with different countries experience and environment are crucial for understanding global business challenge and opportunities. ITI training covering international investment; government administration; enterprises management for officials, executives and professionals.
ITI has finished many projects for United Nations, World Bank, United States Government and Chinese projects. Organized many government delegations visits and studies. Business Training for Executives from China Ministry of Coal, Shanghai and other big cities.
ITI is looking forward to provide more services for developing countries and promoting south to south, south to north business and developing opportunities. High quality, efficiency, interactive with clients are the principle of ITI services.

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