ITI-Group is a diversified company. The core of ITI-Group is focusing on tech-knowledge, tech-novation and tech-solutions. ITI-Group is engaged in the combination business fields of IT and internet; medical, pharmaceutical and bio-technology; technology assessment, technology and property-exchange, bidding and auction; as well as other consulting services. ITI-Group is an international corporation its business and transactions covering many countries especially developing countries. ITI-Group does many international trade deals arranging from manufacturer, international shipment, import and export and distribution. ITI-Group has started business since early 1990s. The goal of ITI-Group business is to provide high quality products, better services and good solutions for our customers.




The core business of ITI-Group is:


  • IT technologies: computers and network, wireless hardware and solutions; website design, e-commerce, website hosting and maintenance. Bidding and auction system;
  • Health and Medical: medical devices supplies, OEM; Pharmaceutical manufacturing and supply, global distribution; medical package products; medical intermediate and other products.
  • Consulting service: technology assessment, “Global South Technology Exchange”, research and development, policy study, development strategy and planning, especially for developing countries, as well as training and educations.



ITI-Group is looking forward to working for you and developing a long term business relationship with our customers.


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