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Global Sourcing

ITI Group specializes in global sourcing. We want our customers to benefit from a wide range of products across geopolitical boundaries. We want to make sure we bring you the best products at affordable prices.


The ITI team can support a variety of projects in both the private and public sectors, with substantial experience in information and communication technology, energy, environment, and other industrial area. ITI also focuses on International Trade Business and Development in South of the world. ITI’s interests and activities are globe, but focus primarily on developing countries.



Premium Dilutions

Premium Dilutions

We make affordability a priority of ours, but never at the cost of offering low quality oils. Some high quality essential oils are impossible to find at low prices, and seem out of reach for our more thrifty customers. We have taken our finest, most expensive oils and blended them with grapeseed carrier oil, so
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