Blend Oils


We make affordability a priority of ours, but never at the cost of offering low quality oils. Some high quality essential oils are impossible to find at low prices, and seem out of reach for our more thrifty customers. We have taken our finest, most expensive oils and blended them with grapeseed carrier oil, so that all of our customers can enjoy them. Most applications require essential oils to be diluted anyway, so we’ve taken the extra step and made these blends ready-to-use.


Essential oils can be blended together to increase their therapeutic properties. Each oil in our line of Synergy Blends was carefully chosen so that each of these blends offers maximum benefits. These blends are ready to be added to a diffuser, made into a room/linen spray, diluted for skin applications, or added to shampoos and soaps.


Our massage oils are convenient and ready to use. They are diluted with jojoba oil to give a luxurious feel and to leave the skin feeling soft and velvety. They can be used for self massage or with a partner to relax tense muscles, improve circulation, calm the mind, boost the immune system, hydrate the skin, reduce signs of aging, and promote a deeper sleep.


Smell can have a profound impact on our mood, evoking memories and bringing us back to a certain time or place. Our Seasonal Blends are fun and familiar, perfect to set the mood for any time of year. Use them to add aroma to your home, to give as gifts, or to experience their many therapeutic benefits.